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Kumaon Plaza is one of the best hotel in Kashipur. It has a long story of transformation from a process house into a hotel. 

Today’s Kumaon Plaza, a renowned name in Hospitality Industry of the Kumaon, was once the biggest cotton producer of the region using ginning process.  If we go in the flash back, the story starts more than a century back from Undivided Punjab to Kashipur.

Our Legends

Rai Saheb Nagar Mull Badhwar

The profound visioner of mid- 1800s was the main architect behind the transformation of the Zamindar family into the corporate world. 

Mid 1800s was the time when on one side freedom struggle was started and on other side Indian business legends have been understood, to fuel the struggle, money was required. It was very well understood, someday British have to go back and India will be a free country. 

This was the also the time when worldwide Industrial revolution was taking place and if we did not take necessary step, we shall have to face in future. This was the time when, who were capable were taking necessary step strengthen the Indian economy.  This was also the time of India manufacturing revolution. 

He established a widespread industrial empire pioneering in the usage of heavy industrial machinery in more than a dozen ginning mills in undivided Punjab. Indian textile industry was waking up and Cotton was the main raw material of these textile mills. 

Rai Saheb Gopi Mull Badhwar

Son of Rai Saheb Nagar Mull Badhwar, a cotton ginning magnet, settled in Ferozepur, was invited by then commissioner of Kumaon of British Govt, Dr. A. W. Shakespeare to establish cotton ginning industry in the Tarai region of Kumaon, also was known as United Provinces.

In the Year 1905, Rai Saheb purchased this 99 bigha mango orchard along with 3 revenue villages of Gopipura, Chandpura and Pratapura to be used for cotton production.


L. Banka Mull Badhwar

The son of Rai Saheb Gopi Mull Badhwar,  then was looking after the Cotton ginning mill in Lahore (now in Pakistan), was given the task to setup the ginning mill of Kashipur and being an expert techno-crate he immediately took up the task and established the then latest technology based cotton ginning plant undivided India.

He imported 100 cotton ginning machines from Platt Bros. Ltd., Oldham, United Kingdom. The mill was operated by a Lancashire Boiler and the Steam Engine

This ingenious industrial complex was planned and commissioned by Firzoani & Co., Cawnpore at a cost of about 9 Lacs. The main eye opening facts were, it was established in less than a year, with its own private railway platform. The mill produced cotton of a very high-quality fiber which was sold at a premium in the international market. 

Our Heritage

Anand Kothi

The place where present owner Mr. Anand Gopal Badhwar , resides with his family. Though once was quite outskirts of the Kashipur, has now become the centre place of the city.

Till two decades back, this was the highest construction of the region. From miles away you could see it. It was also the symbol of pride while mentioning about Kashipur, when briefing about Kashipur.

105 Ft Chimney

Anand Villa

The heritage, was the main guest house of the Badhwar’s family and was used for business, political guests, visiting from across the world. 

A'S Mansion

This is the remains of cotton ginning process mill and has now been restored as one of the best Banquet Hall of Kashipur. This is the most suitable location for celebrating marriage functions. It has ample of area for Car parking. Very lush green area to celebrate different functions of marriage like Mehendi, Sagai, Sangeet and all.

The place, used as the residence for Commercial Manager, also known as Munim Ji in that time. All commercial activities were managed by Munim ji and that was the reason, they were given the high respect. This was the place where corporate office was established. This was the main commercial / technical office used by Managers of the Mills.

Aan Lounge & Villa


This is also the remains of Mill’s godown and now been used as the Restaurant. From a Kitty Party to Huge Conference every thing can be planned here. All modern facilities are available that can be used / required in managing parties / conferences etc.

Our Empathy

That was the time when business tycoons were not simply busy in generating money just by establishing business houses but were very sensitive about surroundings and the society.

It was 1931 and very unfortunate for the region, as the pendamic plague struck Kashipur. The then owner, L. Madan Gopal Badhwar,  s/o L. Banka Mull Badhwar converted the mill premises into a relief camp for the people of the town. 

Freedom Struggle and Badhwars

From mid-1800s, Badhwars,  as mentioned earlier, a renowned business family, having roots in undivided Punjab were also leaving no chance to help freedom fighters. Not only financially but morally supporting the fighters. It was the time when two different ideology Streams were trying hard to get freedom from British kingdom. 

One of the legend freedom fighter Prof. Yashpal (03 Dec 1903 – 26 Dec 1976) , during his hideout, stays here for around one year. 

Sukhdev and Rajguru, after Kakori Kand also stayed here for around one month.  Who will be in India, who does not know their names? They were / are the pride of Nation. They live in the hearts of Indians.

This was the high time for freedom fighters and British govt was very much reluctant to crush the fighters. Even after knowing the facts if shelter will be given to any freedom fighter, will be considered as the crime against British Kingdom, still Badhwars without giving a single thought on aftereffects, gave shelter to fighters like these.  Prof Yashpal has also mentioned it in his books.

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