How to select a good hotel in Online mode

In today’s world it is not hard to book a hotel with facilities mentioned on their online website. In online mode, you get all the information about hotels in your destination. Official sites or booking sites offer the best information about the hotels, and you can book the hotels based on the services offered and reviews. But, there are a few things you need to consider before booking a hotel online. It is essential to consider a few factors to avoid disappointment and frustration when you reach the hotel, which is not as you expected. 

Understand your need

Before you start searching for a hotel online, make a list of things you expect from your stay at the hotel. For example, some people may look for a good night’s stay others may be particular about food. If you plan to cover many tourist destinations, then the hotel’s location must be one of your needs. If you have kids and expect some play area at the hotel, you must visit the official website and check for services. 

Check amenities or services

While booking an online hotel mode, you will usually go to the booking site. After checking the price and reviews, do not forget to check the hotel’s official website. Always spend some time studying the services provided and minute details like Wi-Fi and internet services. If you book a hotel for a business trip and don’t offer good internet services, you will get frustrated. 

Location of the Hotel

When you are on vacation, you should always consider the location of the hotel you are staying in. Book the hotel that is located nearby to tourist destinations on your list. It is better to choose a hotel located in the city center. When the hotel’s location is viable, you need not worry about spending more time commuting. If you have booked the hotel for a business trip, selection must be based on that city’s industrial or business centers. Irrespective of the reason behind your journey, shopping malls, medical services, railway stations, and airports should be easily accessible for hotel locations. 

Check Map

Even though you can understand the location by looking at the address and details, it is essential to check the map of the hotel’s location. By knowing the map and its proper place, you can plan your trip better. Also, understand the transport services nearby like metro or airport. If you plan to go out daily, transport services in the surroundings must be good. 

Amenities of the hotel

While booking a hotel online, do not forget to look for amenities and services. If you are looking for a hotel just for a business trip, you should look for better rooms, a Wi-Fi connection, and the best internet facilities. Apart from that, check out the furniture and other amenities in the room. The outside of the room needs to be safe and secure for a comfortable stay or have discussions. If you are on a family trip, make sure the amenities are comfortable for your family and kids. 


When on a trip, make sure the transport services are available in and around the hotel. Some hotels offer shuttle services for nearby destinations. When transport is not accessible as you expected, your time will be wasted and most of the time goes in arranging for the transportation. 


While booking online, do not book a hotel in a haze. Search for a list of hotels in the destination, compare the price and services and then book the best deal. Check the prizes; make sure the price includes the amenities and services you expect. Look for the best offers online before finalizing a hotel. 

Reviews and latest updates

When you are booking online, it is mandatory to check for reviews. Spend some time and read a few reviews. Understand what customers have emphasized about the hotel’s basic amenities like food and rooms. While checking reviews, make sure that you are reading the latest reviews. Check for reviews which are posted a few days or months ago. Some hotels may be a good few years back and not right now. On the other hand, services may have been good earlier, and hence it got positive reviews. So, it is essential to check the date before reading reviews. 

Do your research

It is essential to look for a list of hotels to the destination before you travel. You may enter a booking site and choose the first hotel on their list. But, in the exact location, there may be another hotel for the same price but with the best amenities. There may be another hotel for a bit higher price but at the best location. When you are on vacation along with price, you must also look into transport services nearby, services provided by the hotel, and many other things. 


Even though you can book a hotel online with a few clicks, it is not that easy. It would help if you looked into several factors for choosing a good hotel online. If you are looking for a good hotel in Uttarakhand, you must try Kumaoplaza. You will get more information on It can be customer reviews, the hotel’s official website, or amenities you need to spend some time researching. 


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  1. If visiting Kashipur, Kumaon Plaza hotel is really a very good place to stay….. food quality is delicious….. huge garden….

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